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Singapore expat jobs under threat in recession, local hire push
Singapore has long been the city of choice for Western expats wanting an easy entree into Asia. Clean, efficient, with low tax rates, it's often seen as rivalling Hong Kong, especially with that city hit by street protests and unrest over China's new national security law.
Yet just when Singapore should be a magnet for global talent, some recruiters say the barriers to entry are mounting. The city is facing the worst recession in its history, forcing a rethink for some firms on expansion and hiring plans. Alongside soaring unemployment has come a spike in rhetoric against foreigners, seen by some Singaporeans as taking jobs from locals.
An experienced nurse from New Zealand is finding out how tough it can be. She seemed, on paper at least, the ideal expat - arriving with her partner right before Covid-19. But 11 months and over 200 failed applications later, she says she's on the verge of going home, unable to land a work pass.
She was told by companies that they have a quota and the quota is met, she said, asking not to be identified for fear of jeopardising her partner's work permit. When attempts to volunteer at hospitals were similarly rejected, she said she felt like she didn't belong.
The uncertain job prospects, online commentary and stricter conditions risk making Singapore a less welcoming destination just as the city-state needs foreign investment the most. And as workplaces clamp down on hiring it could further limit the options for expats who have long seen a stint in Asia as an important and lucrative experience.
The Singapore government has added to their angst by taking steps to promote local hiring, raising concern that it will come at the expense of expats. Earlier this month, it put 47 companies on a watch list for suspected discriminatory hiring practices. The list includes banks, fund managers and consulting firms that may have pre-selected foreigners for jobs or not given Singaporeans a fair chance. This adds to the 240 companies already under scrutiny. The names of the firms weren't disclosed.
And in May, it tightened the framework that governs employment passes for foreigners, increasing the minimum monthly salary to S$3,900 and further expanding rules requiring employers to advertise job openings to locals first. The government said on Wednesday it plans to raise that salary threshold further.
"I wouldn't be surprised if there was a contraction in the number of visas issued because the demand for foreigners is going to be less" in the near term, said Hays regional director for Singapore Grant Torrens, citing the sharp contraction as the main driver.
The role of foreign workers became a key election issue this year, with several opposition candidates campaigning on claims that overseas talent is taking local jobs. The Workers' Party, which clinched more seats than ever, published a manifesto that included tightening employment pass approvals.
"The only reason we have foreigners here is to give an extra wind in our sails when the opportunity is there," Minister of Foreign Affairs Vivian Balakrishnan said in a televised election debate in July. "Now we are in a storm, and we need to shed ballast." Dr Balakrishnan's office said in response to Bloomberg queries on the comment that there will be a disproportionate impact on the foreign workforce in a downturn.
Foreign workers on employment passes - the sort issued to highly skilled workers as opposed to work permits for blue-collar jobs - typically comprise around 5 per cent of the total workforce. Yet among top managers and professionals in some key sectors, the ratio of foreigners can be much higher. Non-Singaporeans made up 57 per cent of senior management roles across the financial services sector, the government said in August.
Andrew Zee, team lead for financial services at Selby Jennings, said some of his job candidates were recently denied permits - a first for him in more than four years - though they were later approved on appeal.
Sirva Inc, which owns Allied Pickfords, said inquiries from people wanting to move to Singapore in the first seven months of the year were down 23 per cent from the same period in 2019, according to Amanda Jones, senior vice-president of sales and account management. Ms Jones doesn't expect to see expat executives coming to Singapore at pre-Covid numbers until 2022 at best, especially given travel curbs and the recession.
The shift is starting to be felt in the real estate market. Ella Sherman, an associate executive sales director at Knight Frank in Singapore who specialises in expat housing, says she normally signs about four rental agreements a month this time of year. Now she's lucky to secure one, and knows of several clients heading home.
Beyond the economic woes and the pandemic lies an unease over foreigners in the country of just 5.7 million people. This has surfaced in public calls, often on social media, for more hiring of locals. When a Facebook post targeting foreign executives at US$215 billion investment giant Temasek Holdings went viral this month, chief executive officer Ho Ching responded with a post of her own describing it as "a cowardly act of hate". JOB CUTS
Companies are taking pains to describe their efforts to retain Singaporean jobs. When Millennium Hotels and Resorts laid off 159 employees this month, it noted that the move lifted its "core" Singaporean workforce to 69 per cent. After casino operator Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) reportedly cut 2,000 jobs last month, the Ministry of Manpower issued a statement saying the majority of affected workers were foreigners.
"After the retrenchment exercise, RWS has a stronger Singaporean core," the ministry said.
Even expats abroad are feeling the pinch. One worker was overseas and between jobs when the pandemic struck. Though he quickly found a new position, he said his employment pass submission has been rejected several times with no explanation.
He's now stuck in Europe paying rent for his empty home in Singapore, unable to return until his visa gets approved. He declined to be identified for fear of jeopardising his application. He said the rising anti-foreigner rhetoric was equally worrisome.
For some, the social tensions were brought to the fore when a few expats were caught breaching government-imposed lockdowns by drinking and mingling outdoors without masks in May. The incident sparked an ugly debate on social media and prompted a minister to caution against the "visceral reaction" by locals. The offenders were fined and banned from working in Singapore, as were 134 others over May and June.
To be sure, some politicians are urging calm. Singaporeans want assurances that the government will continue to create opportunities and provide fair treatment, but a vast majority "understand that staying open and connected is very important to Singapore", Manpower Minister Josephine Teo said on Wednesday.
Singapore isn't alone in fighting for local jobs. US President Donald Trump signed an executive order this month barring federal agencies from replacing citizens or green card holders with foreign workers.
And the city-state's status as a finance hub ensures it will always be magnet for foreign talent. Citadel, the hedge fund run by billionaire Ken Griffin, announced this week it's opening a Singapore office, as did Sun Life Financial, Canada's second-biggest insurer.
"Singapore remains an attractive destination," said Rahul Sen, the global head of private wealth management at Boyden, an executive search firm. "New businesses that were thinking of setting up in Hong Kong to attract Greater China wealth are thinking of setting up shop in Singapore."
Even so, the avenues for many are narrowing. The nurse from New Zealand has started reaching out to healthcare providers back home. They're eager to hire so she may head back.
"Singapore is an amazing city, and we hoped that if we stayed long enough, things would change," she said. "But the longer it takes, the further away it seems."

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The games they play, Part 2

Part 1:
It was such a long time since I had thought about Kit and the day on the motorbike. Whatever business, investments or projects he and my father had discussed back then definitely didn’t become a reality. Come to think of it, when the dust had settled after the motorbike incident, I don’t think my father ever mentioned Kit to me again. “It’s a small world, Flynn” Gerald told me. I had to agree.
Next time I saw my father I asked him if he knew Gerald was Kit’s cousin. “Yeah I think Gerald mentioned that to me once, now that you say it.” “You didn’t think of mentioning that to me at all? What is Kit doing these days, and what happened with your project?” “It just never happened, Flynn. I haven’t spoken to Kit in many years, though I know he is doing extremely well for himself”.
When I was little, and its actually one of my earliest memories of my own thinking, I wondered if there was someone who secretly ruled the earth. I had played monopoly enough to know that when you win, you take it all. Was it like that in real life as well? I had always been full of questions about the stars and the universe and how everything was bound together. So when Gerald one day asked me to see a documentary about some secret societies I was down.
Gerald seemed to know a lot about this: The families that control everything and have done so for centuries. Bloodlines that stretch back to the Roman Empire. I was, to put it mildly, intrigued. This was awesome and Gerald explained everything so well to me. I felt like I got to know the secrets of the world and again I felt happy that I had gotten to know him.

I have always been the kind of child who shared most things in my life with my parents. Especially my mother. She loved when I shared my adventures with her and we often had healthy discussions about world politics and war around the dinner table during the weekends when I was home. I couldn’t wait to tell mom about what Gerald had showed me, but that excitement died as fast as it came into existence. My mother and her boyfriend, Jeff, were both furious. They listened for a while, came with some counter arguments, and I came with some more, and suddenly they just both got really mad. “Why are you getting mad?” We were only talking about it. I was absolutely calm and collected and suddenly both my mom and Jeff were fuming. Suddenly my viewpoints during weekend dinners were no longer appreciated. I started self-censoring myself a lot and came to the conclusion it would be best to have these discussions with Gerald instead.
He continued lecturing me about the elites and their ways at his place. I continued to learn. I became addicted to learning about things that were very far from the mainstream. It was like waking up and finally seeing and understanding the world. It all made perfect sense also. Gerald always worked from home and he always had time for me. Even if I called and asked if he could come pick me up some place, or go eat during daytime, he would come. “Do you ever work?” I used to joke to him. He did, to be fair, travel from time to time. The US, Asia and Netherlands were the main places. Sometimes Africa, too.
Gerald kept the real talk throttle at 100%. He told me about the occult, what they believe in, the Satanism, their rituals. The power in their blood, and that they have a lot, A LOT, of kids. The women in these families often serve as breeding machines.
“They solidify their power this way, Flynn. They put their own into places of power, without the public knowing.” “Holy shit. That’s really smart.” “Why do The Beatles play out of step?” “Huh? What do you mean?” “Why do The Beatles play out of step?” “What kind of an ending is that? What is that supposed to mean?”
Gerald stood up and went to the kitchen. He could be weird sometimes, but I had grown to accept him like that, although this Beatles question was a bit more off than usual. It just made no sense to me. We called it a night shortly after.
As I changed the way I looked at the world I started thinking about what I wanted to do with my life. I ran my own restaurant for a few years, which was fun, but I ended up selling it when someone gave me a decent offer for it. I felt the world was at my feet and I could do whatever I wanted. I decided some sort of studies were appropriate. I wanted to know why humans think the way they do. As I had recently gotten into yoga I got to know a guy who was a yogi and a lifestyle coach. He recommended I study coaching in the US, at a place called IPEC. It sounded cool and I was getting close to making a decision. When I told Gerald about it, though, his reaction surprised me a bit.
“You aren’t seriously considering going to the states? It’s all going to crash down there soon. Martial law, FEMA-camps, you name it. If I were you I would reconsider. I’m moving to Singapore in 4 months and you are welcome to join me if you want. The company has given me an apartment at Sentosa. They market it as the world’s most desirable address. It has its own elevator from the garage straight into the apartment. I’ll show you.”
He proceeded to show me pictures; Sentosa looked sick. Houses there sold for 20 million + and Jacky Chan would be our neighbor. It was a bit surreal to be honest, but I thought heck, you only live now, do it.
I didn’t find a coaching education in Singapore. I lived for free at Gerald’s place, which was quite spacey, and I had a car and a boat. I made some friends who liked to play poker at the casino so I joined them and actually had quite a nice run. I played every day for weeks and thought maybe I could become a professional. I did not become a professional.
The calendar shows October 2012 when Gerald said he needed to take trip to Japan for a few days. He told me he that a friend of his, a British fellow named Jack, would stay at the apartment with me since he would be in town. I drove Gerald to the airport and picked up Jack the day after. He was a really cool guy, sick at talking to the ladies and to my big surprise and enjoyment; absolutely knew everything there was about the stuff Gerald had taught me, and more.
We would talk about Ron Paul’s campaign for president and how he was cheated out of the primaries, how the media didn’t mention him and how crazy the attendances were at his rallies. He would go even deeper with the occult and told me that those people on top are all Luciferians and child molesters. “You do not get anywhere without sacrifice, Flynn. They don’t just hand out movie contracts to actors and make them famous and superrich. They pay for it, in different ways. There are many ways to pay, but you always have to. No exceptions.”
Jack and I had a blast the few days Gerald was gone. Just before Gerald came back Jack gets a phone call. Turns out he had this huge villa in Seminyak, Bali, that he rented out to tourists. He got a last minute cancelation so the villa was suddenly available for a week. Jack told me I could go stay there for free if I wanted to. “There are three maids there, taking care of everything. You will have all you need. There is a dog there though, you have to take care of him, his name is George.” I thanked him, booked my tickets and flew the next day.
Waking up at the villa the first day felt great. The energy at Bali was way better than Singapore. Maybe something to do with Sentosa being buildt upon some very old mass graves. Way more vibrant in Seminyak. I took George with me on the scooter and went down to the beach nearby that Jack tipped me about. I walked the beach with this cute little Golden Retriever puppy. I was hoping to meet a cute girl and have the vacation of my life. Sure enough, after just a couple minutes walking the beach a local Balinese beauty came out of the water walking straight towards me.
“This may sound strange, but I think I know you. I had a dream about you.” That was maybe the most special opening I have ever encountered. What happened to “Aww look at the cute dog, can I pet it?” Her name was Rose. She was HOT.
I told her how I had arrived the day before and never been to Bali before. At the same time the guy she was with joined us where we stood. His name was Jack. He was American and very well trained, and a way better catch for the Balinese girl than I was. However, being that those two were the first people I met at Bali I asked if they wanted to go out for dinner later on. We agreed to meet up later.
During dinner, Jack sits opposite of Rose and she is beside me. While we are talking she is showing me pictures on her phone. That kind of pictures, yes. I was sort of stumbled. They were very sexy, not too much and I was sort of baffled as to why she showed them to me. Jack couldn’t see them and when he asked what she was showing me she quickly swiped to a picture of a volcano and turned her phone towards him.
This woman is clearly into me. Maybe she thinks I’m rich as hell and want to stay at my villa. Maybe Jack is poor. Maybe I’m the lucky guy tonight. “I wanna try those mushroom drinks they have down here.” Jack said. I wasn’t unfamiliar with drugs, being a big fan of DMT especially and from time to time weed. “Let’s do it, you only live now.”
Eating shrooms back home I was used to it taking about 60 minutes before feeling anything. Not like that in Bali at all. We downed the psilocybin drink at the bar and walked back to my villa. It only took 15 minutes before I started feeling it. Jack still couldn’t feel anything but I just felt better and better. “Im going into the pool, guys” It was a full moon, the flowers and the lights around the pool looked mesmerizing, to say the least. Jack and Rose sit at the edge of the pool talking while I walked around just being high as a kite. Suddenly Jack’s phone rang and he had to go back to the patio, which was around the bend from the pool. Rose started telling him to come back, but he said it was his brother and he needed to talk to him and that it would take a while. Suddenly Rose is walking towards me, fully naked. My first thought was “No, I’m way to fucked up to do anything now, worst timing to get a hot girl thrown at me.” She looked at me and came close, put her arms around me and boy, I was ready. I was very ready in seconds. She yelled over to Jack : “You coming, babe?” He said it was gonna be a while. At that point Rose pushed me into one of corners of the pool and proceeded to give me one of the best fucks I have ever had. It was the most intense sexual experience. She took of my boxers, put her legs around me and climbed on to me. It was amazing; The high, the fullmoon, the drop dead gorgeous girl riding me. It was perfect. “Come for me, Flynn.” I would have liked to, but I couldn’t. It just didn’t happen even though the sex was so good.
She gets out of the pool and puts her clothes on, Jack returns and we end up sitting at the patio in the lovely furniture there. We talked about everything. Jack was a cool guy and I felt a little bad, but I’m sure he could get so much more women than I so I didn’t really care all that much. Rose was browsing his pictures and upon seeing a picture of Jack and another girl she, laughably so, said: “You see other woman, you don’t care about me.” I needed to concentrate not to burst into laughter. Remember, at this point I’m still very much tripping balls. “You just fucked my brains out in the pool and now you complain about Jack having a picture with a girl on his phone.” I thought to myself.
Jack and Rose eventually left the villa. After reflecting a bit on my special night I fell into a deep, dreamless sleep. The next day I’m awakened by my maid. “Mr Flynn, you have a visitor, a girl is here to see you.” I knew it could only be one girl, so I told them to send her up to me. She came into my room and 15 minutes later I came into her. You know when you get ridden so good that you just lose control? Well, that happened to me. She pushed herself down on me when I came, which was weird. I asked her if she used pills and she said yes, but I still didn’t like it. I bought condoms and didn’t come into anything but her mouth from that point on. I spent every day with Rose. As I was about to order a ticket back to Singapore she asked me to stay. She offered to pay for a hotel-apartment sort of place, because she liked me so much. I thought hell, lets.
We moved out of the villa, left George to the maids and moved into the apartment. Absolutely decent, but one maid instead of three. I remember having this eerie feeling about Rose, that something was off. She said she liked me so much, but she was on her phone all the time, and it was all sex. She didn’t even eat breakfast because I gave her a ‘banana pancake’ every morning. You figure that one out for yourself. That wasn’t suspicious, but when I, after coming home from some shopping, saw her sitting with two local Balinese boys at the apartment with a bottle of liquor, it didn’t sit right with me. “Drink with us.” They said. All they did was talk Indonesian, without including me. My inner voice told me: “Flynn, you are alone on vacation with a girl you know nothing about, time to go.”
I called Gerald and told him everything. He said sorry for learning me about the world, implying I was being paranoid. I guess I was a bit paranoid. I decided to try not to think about it anymore. I went back to Singapore, stayed a few more months, then I went back home. I told all my friends about Rose and what it felt like. I checked myself for diseases at the doctors when I got home, all clear, and the memories of Rose faded away, just like my motorbike ride with Kit 12 years earlier.
April, 2018

I was up very early on a Sunday, feeling nice and fresh for once I decided to go down to the local bakery and buy fresh bread and some pastry to surpise my father and half-sisters. I felt good now. My father had just kicked out Amy. They were finally through after 26 years. It will be way easier to make up for lost time with her out of the picture. ‘The dragon’ my sister used to call her. Now the dragon had flown away. It felt good having her gone. This was the time to remedy everything with my father. Now we can finally work it out, I thought. I can also, maybe, develop a real solid relationship with my half-sisters. I rang the bell. No response. I did it again. Nothing. I call my father and he finally answers.
“Flynn, its 9:15, everyone is asleep here” “I brought fresh bread and pastry from the bakery, let me get breakfast ready for you guys” “We need some more time than that, come back in an hour.” “Are you serious?” “We’re sleeping, Flynn, it’s early.” “You are a fucking asshole!”
This was, maybe the most painful experience I’ve had my father. That kind of rejection hurt like hell. My mother would never do anything like that. I’m his son and I’m bringing fresh bread. How the fuck do you tell your son to come back in an hour? He knew damn well where my house was. Its not very close. Was I supposed to just wait outside for an hour? I sent my father a harshly worded text and told him to go fuck himself one more time. He texted back with an apology, but it didn’t do it for me. I tried to find some good reasons to excuse him, but I couldn’t.
At this time Im a manager at a convenience store/gas station in my town. Completely normal job, but I didn’t love it there. Me and one of my employees were doing some cleaning when an older gentleman, well dressed, came in and looked into the cooler that keeps all the cold beverages. We didn’t mind him at all, it was all just regular, until he said, quite theatrically: “Symbols are important.” And left without buying anything.
My employee looked at me and I looked at him. We laughed and thought WTF was that? I hadn’t read to much about theories related to freemasonry, but I knew there were a lot of stuff about them online. And I did recall recall that freemasonry symbolism is a big thing. Hiding in plain sight, but I didn’t think any more of it at the time.
The next day, again at work, working late. I hear an awesome sound outside the store. I see a Lamborghini parking and of course I go straight out to check out the car. I immediately recognize the driver from the newspapers. This was the youngest heir, and one of the youngest multi billionaires in the world, of a large pharmaceutical conglomerate. We locked eyes for a few seconds before he backed out of the parking space and drove away. He didn’t fuel and he didn’t buy anything. “That was a bit weird.” I said to myself.
The next day I see a Maybach Mercedes limousine park outside the store. Out the back seat comes a guy I have only seen in the newspapers, Flynn Peterson, Gerald’s older brother. I stood at the counter and I was kind of excited to finally meet Gerald’s superrich brother. He had his own driver. How often do you see that? Maybe I could make a good impression and he could hook me up with a job? He walked straight towards me, I greeted him and asked him:
“Is your name Flynn?” “Yeah!” He said, quite enthusiastic. “Peterson?” “Yeah!” “It’s awesome to meet you, Flynn, my name is also Flynn, I’m a friend of your brothers.” “Ah, oh yeah, you are the son of that movie guy, right?” “Yeah, that’s me.”
I told him I thought his real estate projects were dope and that It was awesome to meet him. He ended up buying a hot sandwich I pitched him.
After my shift was finished I called Gerald in the car on the way back to my house and told him I met his brother. I told him to please put in a good word for me so maybe I could find a better job. “He does not pay well, and doesn’t really hire people like that.” Gerald told me and continued with asking me if I could help him build a small cozy brick hut in his garden the day after, a Saturday. Considering how many times he picked me up when I was out partying and how kind he always was to me it was the least I could do
Gerald told me about a movie he had seen, a documentary. “Have you seen the documentary called Everything is a rich man’s trick?” I told him I hadn’t. I knew it was 3 hours long, but I wasn’t really into all those YouTube documentaries, as I knew there was a lot of trash on those channels. I felt I had the info I needed about the world, and didn’t really do any research anymore. I stopped after pizzagate broke. Those emails came from Wikileaks, and their authenticity was easily verifiable. Researching that was extremely tough and it was just as difficult and mindblowing how the media portrayed it to the masses. I made a note to myself that when all the worlds media and even the Pope simultaneously goes out and says something is NOT true, you should be very skeptical.
Gerald and I finished up for the day and met back up the day after to continue our work on the brick hut.
“We are Masons, Flynn” “Haha, yeah I guess today we are.” “A guy I met said he had met ten 10th degree Masons.” Gerald said. “Okay, who was that?” “I asked him how many of those revealed themselves to him.” “What do you mean?” I asked “A 10th degree mason doesn’t just reveal himself to people who aren’t Masons, Flynn. Hey did you see the movie, Everything is a RICH MAN’s TRICK?” He emphasized rich mans trick. “No I haven’t and I don’t think I’m going to. I’ve seen enough of that stuff.” I was starting to not like his tone. “Flynn” “Yeah?” “Why do The Beatles play out of step?”
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