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[FIGHT PREVIEWS] Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez vs Alfredo Angulo, Rustam Nugaev vs Marvin Quintero, Jorge Arce vs Aldimar Silva Santos, Paul Butler vs Oreste Bernabe Nieva + more

Friday March 7

Pala Casino Spa and Resort, Pala, California
Time: 9:00 PM EST, 6:00 PM PST, 2:00 AM GMT
Television: ESPN2 (USA) DigiSport (Hungary)
Fight Thread: Yes

Rustam Nugaev 26(16)-6-1 vs Marvin Quintero 25(21)-4

10 rounds
lightweight division
Nugaev has a pretty shabby record, but he hasn’t lost in 7 years. Granted, the wins don’t necessarily add up to contender level. His opponent is coming off nearly a year and a half layoff. Quintero was last seen giving it his all and still losing a split decision to lightweight champion Miguel Vazquez. Prior to that, Quintero had never had a win that screamed contender. These two should combine for an entertaining fight with the winner possibly positioning himself for a shot at the #1 contender for a title at lightweight.

Khabir Suleymanov 16(6)-3 vs Roman Morales 17(9)-0

8 rounds
bantamweight division

Saturday March 8

From Domo de la Macroplaza, Nogales, Sonora, Mexico
Time: 11:00 PM EST, 8:00 PM PST, 4:00 AM GMT
Television: Azteca (Mexico) UniMas (USA)
Fight Thread: No

Jorge Arce 62(47)-7-2 vs Aldimar Silva Santos 19(10)-7

10 rounds
featherweight division
Arce’s latest retirement lasted all but 11 months. He made his return moving back to featherweight and knocked out Colombian Jose Carmona. Arce thinks he’s got one last run in him. The 34 year old will need to get past Silva Santos who’s 4 and 6 in his last 10. Shouldn’t be too hard.

David Alonso Lopez 41(23)-13-1 vs Jose Uzcategui 21(17)-0

10 rounds
middleweight division
From Aintree Equestian Centre, Liverpool, Merseyside, UK
Television: BoxNation (UK)
Fight Thread: No

Paul Butler 14(7)-0 vs Oreste Bernabe Nieva 15(6)-2-2

12 rounds
super flyweight division
Butler will enter world level in the near future. Nieva shouldn’t be too much of a threat to Butler. Nieva, at one point, fought 3 opponents in a row with a combined record of 0 wins 15 losses and a draw. Butler has elevated his level of opposition over the past 8 months this is yet another step for him. By the way, there will be no round-by-round of this fight simply because I don’t believe the demand is there for it. If this is something you guys want, then we’ll do it.

Kevin Satchell 11(2)-0 vs Isaac Quaye 25(16)-4-1

12 rounds
flyweight division
From MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada
Time: 9:00 PM EST, 6:00 PM PST, 2:00 AM GMT
Television: Showtime PPV (USA) Boxnation (UK) Main Event (Australia) Sport 1 (Hungary) Televisa (Mexico) RPC-TV (Panama) GSP TV (Romania)
Fight Thread: Yes

Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez 42(30)-1-1 vs Alfredo Angulo 22(18)-3

12 rounds
junior middleweight division
I’m a strong believe in gut reactions. Usually my initial reaction when a fight gets announced is right 80% of the time. It’s only through hype, select highlight videos, and sheer human wonder that has led me to sometimes sway my picks and get them wrong. Anyway, in this case when it was announced it would be Canelo, coming off the loss to Mayweather, against Angulo, coming off the loss to Lara, I thought Canelo had it in the bag. Not only is it just my eye test, but I looked at boxrec and checked out Angulo’s record. I saw no notable wins. He was schooled by Cintron, destroyed by Kirkland, and outboxed and quit against Lara. Angulo fights with the heart of a lion, but he’s never had an impressive victory. Canelo’s close win over Trout and the mere fact that he’s improved in every fight except his last (the day someone shows improvement in a fight with Floyd… that’ll be the day.) I was confused at this point when I looked at the response from various boxing communities who proclaimed this to be a big mismatch and that Canelo (who’s only ever been hurt once in his career) would be stopped. On what grounds? I thought. How could people say this. Angulo is completely unproven when it comes to winning. He’s got power, certainly, but not the wins.
I brought all this up in conversation with hungry_freaks_daddy a few weeks ago and he had a brilliant point about this fight. I have yet to watch episode 2 of All Access, but I believe that what you’re about to read should have been the narrative Showtime ran with. Here’s the conversation:
Me: Trout is definitely his best win. The case I'm going to make is that this is a 50-50 fight. A lot of people believe Angulo is gonna wipe the floor with Canelo and while it's possible, it's unlikely. Angulo has ZERO notable wins. Canelo's win over Trout trumps anything Angulo has done. People have fallen in love with Angulo's supposed power, but when has he finished the job on a legit opponent?
HFD: Of course people don't want to show Canelo respect. He's the pretty boy darling fighter that is the protege of the pretty boy darling fighter. People don't identify with Canelo. They think he's been handed everything. They identify with Angulo because he looks the part of the fearsome underdog warrior. He has some pop, and he's in memorable fights. Somewhere in people's minds that turns into this being a mismatch for Canelo. People need to forget about the Mayweather fight. It shouldn't even count when you lose against Mayweather because it means jack shit. So, Canelo coming off beating Trout, vs Angulo coming off being stopped by Lara, and Lara dominating Trout. The A/B/C logic is usually silly, but come on.

Leo Santa Cruz 26(15)-0-1 vs Cristian Mijares 49(24)-7-2

12 rounds
WBC super bantamweight title
Santa Cruz is one of Golden Boy’s rising stars and he appears to not need their help. He looks like a young Margarito without the slow start. He’s a torrential downpour of offense and if we apply the transitive property here, Santa Cruz will blitz through Mijares with the force of the German blitzkrieg.

Carlos Molina 22(6)-5-2 vs Jermall Charlo 17(13)-0

12 rounds
IBF light middleweight title
With the recent arrest of Molina, it appears the fight may be bumped off the televised card. Seems like an appropriate way to avoid discussing Molina, now an outed sex offender, for an hour. As for the fight, I’m really happy for Jermall Charlo. I think his brother is a tad more skilled than he is, but he carries far more power and has the perfect style for it. Jermall has one of the best jabs in boxing already and that might be key to keep this fight watchable. Molina loves to make fights ugly by getting on the inside and clinching. If Charlo can keep Molina at the end of his jab, Molina will be in for a long night. The problem for Charlo is that Molina has shown to legitimately give problems to just about everyone he’s faced and it seems no one has completely figured out how to beat him without question. Molina has a case to be a 1 loss fighter if he had some luck, but he doesn’t.

Jorge Linares 35(23)-3 vs Nihito Arakawa 24(16)-3-1

10 rounds
lightweight division
This will be a don’t blink fight. Arakawa will come to fight, no doubt about that. The intrigue is that Linares will do his best to keep Arakawa from asserting his will by boxing his head off. I feel it will be only a matter of time before Arakawa breaks Linares down and it becomes a blood bath.

Will Tomlinson 21(12)-0-1 vs Jerry Belmontes 18(5)-3

10 rounds
super featherweight
Wild Wild Will will make his American debut after spending his entire career down under in Australia. This is a good time for Tomlinson to take his competition up a notch because super featherweight is stacked right now and there are a ton of fights to be had.

Sergio Thompson 28(26)-3 vs Ricardo Alvarez 23(14)-2-3

10 rounds
lightweight division
There are rumblings that this card may open the televised broadcast seeing as how Molina has gotten himself into a bit of trouble with the law. It will be a fun fight. Thompson’s power is no joke and he was in a fight of the year candidate last summer with WBC super featherweight champion Takashi Miura
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[WEEKEND RECAP] Canelo Alvarez vs Alfredo Angulo, Paul Butler vs Oreste Bernabe Nieva, Jorge Arce vs Aldimar Silva Santos, Rustam Nugaev vs Marvin Quintero + more

Friday March 7

From Pala Casino Spa and Resort, Pala, California

Rustam Nugaev stopped Marvin Quintero in the 4th

A sad loss for Quintero. At the time of the stoppage he was probably easily winning the fight, but an apparent broken hand forced to him withdraw himself from the fight. Nugaev stays on the fringe of relevance while the question of retirement must surely be present for Quintero.

Roman Morales won a UD over Khabir Suleymanov

Morales dropped Suleymanov multiple times on his way to an easy UD. Morales is now added to the prospect watch.

Saturday March 8

From Domo de la Macroplaza, Nogales, Sonora, Mexico

Jorge Arce stopped Aldimar Silva Santos in 5 rounds

I know what you're thinking. Didn't Arce retire? Yes, but come on. When has a fighter not retired 3 times before finally getting retired by some guy young enough to be their grandson? This wasn't that night for Arce. Arce dropped Santos with a very clever left hook and when he got his man in the corner and started to unload, the referee jumped in to stop it. Arce had too much veteran guile for Santos.

Jose Uzcategui stopped David Alonso Lopez in 6

From Aintree Equestrian Centre, Liverpool, Merseyside, UK

Paul Butler knocked out Oreste Bernabe Nieva in 4 rounds

Butler ended it with a left hook to the liver that granted him Mexican citizenship. Nieva was tough and tried to pressure Butler, but his defense and a well timed body shot finished Nieva.

Kevin Satchell won a unanimous decision over Isaac Quaye

From MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada

Canelo Alvarez stopped Alfredo Angulo in the 10th round

Canelo fought like a man possessed… or maybe all the dog left in Angulo was left in Carson, California after his fight with Erislandy Lara. Even if it’s true, you can’t take anything away from Canelo. His performance warrants comparisons to Pacquiao’s fights with Antonio Margarito or Brandon Rios and Canelo deserves all the respect in the world. Unfortunately, those who paid to see a “toe-to-toe” war may find it hard to give him his full respect. A somewhat strange stoppage from Tony Weeks after Canelo landed the boxing equivalent to Ryu’s Shoryuken (dragon punch) early in the 10th. The truth of the matter is Canelo hit Angulo with everything but the kitchen sink and after that uppercut, it looked like he was going to bring out the sink. Depending on how you feel about Canelo you’ll either say Angulo had nothing and was a piss-poor match-up for Canelo or you’ll say Canelo just confirmed what we already know and that is that he’s a pretty special talent who may not be the greatest of all time, but definitely a worthy stand-in while we wait for the next great one to emerge.

Leo Santa Cruz won a UD over Cristian Mijares

Leo Santa Cruz dominated Mijares, but that’s not the story I’m interested in. Santa Cruz is now at the point where it’s tough to judge how good he really is. His opponents thus far have been very well selected and Santa Cruz has won each in dominating fashion. We’re at the point we had reached with Canelo before the Trout fight. Santa Cruz needs a signature win if he’s going to be taken seriously as a guy who can headline his own card. In many ways, I think Santa Cruz is in a similar position Donaire was in. He had wins that were even more brilliant than what Santa Cruz has accomplished, but it all came so easy and the opponents were usually a little past their prime, that it was tough to see how good Donaire truly was.

Jorge Linares won a UD over Nihito Arakawa

There’s something so beautiful and captivating about watching Jorge Linares fight. There isn’t a sexier offense in the game, and his defense looks definitely tolerable… but in the back of your head you know that at any point, the tides could change. It didn’t happen on Saturday night. Arakawa simply couldn’t land anything significant on Linares. Linares put on a beautiful clinic that has put him back in the conversation for a title shot against a champion. His likely next fight will be Omar Figueroa.

Sergio Thompson won a UD over Ricardo Alvarez

This was perhaps the fight of the night. Alvarez lost just about every round, but he showed tremendous heart. From the opening bell it was clear Thompson was on another realm when it came to punching power. Most people probably thought this fight wouldn’t see the end of the first round, let alone all 10. Thompson is there to be outboxed, but if you’re a lightweight with a suspect chin, watch out.

Jerry Belmontes won a UD over Will Tomlinson

For now, Daniel Geale remains as the premier and top Australian boxer in the world. Tomlinson made his American debut hoping to not become another Billy Dib. He unfortunately was soundly beat over 10 rounds.
Previews are a little brief this week. Previews will probably be too. I'm going to be away this weekend and I'm also working on a couple of other pieces. Apologies to anyone disappointed.
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Recommendations for a resort / experience for my fobby, frugal Asian parents for Christmas

I live in San Francisco but my parents live in LA. I'm looking for a resort or experience to give my parents anytime between the December 22 - January 2. Ideally it would be 1-3 days.
I took my parents to Florida once and they were more entertained by the Hard Rock Casino than me taking them to the Everglades or South Beach. They're not into touristy places or money traps like Disneyland although they really do enjoy light gambling and eating. They're the type to be mostly just on their iPads updating their Facebooks (especially my mom), exploit seafood buffets, and pose infront of anything that looks like a statue. I don't know if they would enjoy the zoo or an aquarium. They're into outlets but not really into huge malls unless there is something to pose next to. It's just I would rather pay for everything upfront ahead of time, like paying for all the buffet dinners or spa time than having them see me pay every single time.
I was thinking about taking them to Pala in SD but would rather find something a bit closer. Does anyone have any ideas? If it's really worth it, I wouldn't mind taking them somewhere past LA.
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Tourmaline Pools at Pala Casino Spa & Resort - YouTube Popular Videos - Pala Casino Spa & Resort & Cuisine - YouTube Pala Casino Spa & Resort - Vietnamese - YouTube PALA CASINO SPA AND RESORT Pala Casino Spa and Resort Room ... Pala Casino Spa and Resort: (Part 3) Pala Casino Commercial - YouTube Pala Casino Resort Spa - YouTube

Updates on COVID-19 & Pala Casino Spa Resort. Spa. Pala Spa will be temporarily closed as of Monday, March 16, 2020. For any questions/concerns or to make future appointments, please email [email protected] PALA SPA NAMED TOP 100 BEST BY SPAS OF AMERICA. The Pala Spa has designed all of our spa treatments with pure bliss and relaxation in mind. No matter which experience you ... Pala Casino Resort Spa: Address, Phone Number, Pala Casino Resort Spa Reviews: 3.5/5 Reviews for Pala Casino Spa & Resort Reviews - What employees say. 3.26 Employees say 0.00 Applicants say Pala Casino Spa & Resort 08.Oct 2018. Employee Work life balance is good. Benefits and perks are good. 3.94 3.94 Suggestions for improvement. Better computer system. Would like to see some managers accommodate time off requests for their staff. ... Pala, Ca nestled in the splendor of the Palomar Mountains in Northern San Diego County, Pala Casino Spa & Resort is Southern California’s most complete gaming resort that offers So Many Ways to Win.™ Pala is a AAA Four-Diamond award winner for six consecutive years and its gaming and entertainment includes 2,000 slot machines, 87 table games, 10 restaurants, four concert and show venues ... Pala Casino is Now Open. How Pala is Playing it Safe . The health and safety of our valued guests and team members is paramount at Pala Casino Spa Resort. We follow the guidelines and recommendations issued by the Centers for Disease Control for businesses. FAQs Safety Protocols Property Updates Emergency Contact Info. Additional Information. Information about COVID-19 is updated frequently ... Pala, Ca nestled in the splendor of the Palomar Mountains in Northern San Diego County, Pala Casino Spa & Resort is Southern California’s most complete gaming resort that offers So Many Ways to Win.™ Pala is a AAA Four-Diamond award winner for nine consecutive years and its gaming and entertainment includes 2,000+ slot machines, 70+table games, 8 restaurants, two concert and show venues ... Yes, Pala Casino Spa And Resort does have fully refundable rooms available to book on our site, which can be cancelled up to a few days before check-in. Just make sure to check this property's cancellation policy for the exact terms and conditions. What are the cleanliness and hygiene measures currently in place at Pala Casino Spa And Resort? This property confirms that disinfectant is used to ... Pala, Ca nestled in the splendor of the Palomar Mountains in Northern San Diego County, Pala Casino Spa & Resort is Southern California’s most complete gaming resort that offers So Many Ways to Win.™ Pala is a AAA Four-Diamond award winner for nine consecutive years and its gaming and entertainment includes 2,000+ slot machines, 70+table games, 8 restaurants, two concert and show venues ... Pala Casino Spa And Resort besitzt 507 klimatisierte Zimmer mit folgender Ausstattung: Zimmersafes und Wasserkocher mit Kaffee-/Teezubehör. Alle Wohneinheiten verfügen über separate Sitzecken. Zur Bettausstattung gehören Pillowtop-Matratzen und italienische Bettbezüge von Frette sowie hochwertige Bettwaren. In den Zimmern stehen Fernseher mit Pay-TV zur Verfügung. Zur Badausstattung ... Bewertungen, Hotelbilder & TOP Angebote: Hotel Pala Casino Spa And Resort Bestpreis-Garantie Preisvergleich Urlaub buchen bei HolidayCheck

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Tourmaline Pools at Pala Casino Spa & Resort - YouTube

Take a leap into pure fun at our sparkling new adults-only pool experience. Catch some rays, cool off, and unwind with your favorite cocktail. Relax in the r... Pala Casino Spa and Resort 에서 잠시 일상을 탈출해 보세요.환상적인 카지노에서 슬롯 머신을 즐겨 보세요.행운이 가득한 테이블이 여러분을 기다립니다 ... Pala Casino Spa and Resort 离闹市只有咫尺之遥,却远离尘嚣、幽静安宁。 在装饰奢华的娱乐场里玩老虎机游戏 ... Discover the perfect dining experience in ten fabulous restaurants, including Mama's Cucina Italiana-widely recognized as the best Italian food in San Diego. Pala Casino Spa & Resort - Topic; About; Home Trending Discover your aahhhh moment …at Pala Casino Resort. Pala, Ca nestled in the splendor of the Palomar Mountains in Northern San Diego County, Pala Casino Spa & Resort is Southern California's most complete gamin... Welcome to Pala Casino Spa and Resort, best casinos in near san diego CASINO RESORT AND CASINOS SAN DIEGO GETAWAY TO PALA CASINO ... Tại Pala Casino Spa and Resort, chỉ một chuyến đi ngắn sẽ giúp bạn thấy nhu' minh đang ở một thế giới khác.